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Homeowners tend to leave their hallways bare simply because they do not have ideas about what to do with this space or do not think that it is important. On the contrary, though, corridors design is in fact really crucial. It sets the whole tone for a house because this space is the first thing that one would see once entering. There are some clever ideas that would make your corridor looking pretty without going overboard.

The first corridors design idea to discuss is art space in the hallway. Homeowner can use this narrow space to hang the most favorite framed photographs or paintings. It would be helpful to have neutral colored wall for the background to provide contrasts with the artworks being displayed. Of course, the artwork options are not only limited to paintings and photographs. However, the artworks should be hung because there is limit of space in the hallway.

A hallway is also a transition to the main area of your house. It would be a waste not to create a utility space in there. Homeowner can install some tasteful wooden hooks for visitors to hang their jackets or coats at. It would be nice to provide a seat for people to take off their shoes. A special cabinet can be placed beside the seat to keep the shoes. In this space, people can trade outdoor footwear with the indoor one. Homeowner can create special nook for this space.

Another corridors design idea to try out is the mini greenhouse hall. Homeowner can install hanging shelves alongside the hallway walls then place small potted plants there. The plants can be herbs one often used for cooking or medicine. If not, small potted flower with beautiful scent might be a great addition too. It would be great if the hallway is illuminated by sunlight. It can be done by adding windows on the hallway.

Image Source : pinterest.com