28+ Stunning Glass Top Dining Tables With Wood Base Ideas

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Decorating your house becomes necessary tasks. Although it can be quite exhausting, it's still worth to try since you are able to get the comfortable room as the results. In order to make it more effective, you can focus on certain room, and your dining room may be good place to decorate. In this case, dining table is the central attention of the room, so you may start from it. You can consider replacing the old furniture with glass dining tables. There are some great references to try and you will not regret it.

Glass dining table is good choice to make. It looks both simple and attractive. You are also able to find many variations of designs regarding the dining table wood with glass top. For example, there is simple rectangular dining table. This shape actually refers to its glass top. The size is large enough, so it is possible to have up to six plates and even more on it. Then, the attractive part can be seen from the base. Well, the base is made of wood with nice curves. There is also additional wood bar in diagonal position to strengthen the base.

When you want to bring rustic styles to the house, just try this table. This is one of nice rustic glass dining tables to find. The glass top show flexible design since it looks like the water dropped on the flat surface. Then, the wooden base is the best part of table. It is made of massive and thick tree root. The root looks so sturdy and old then it is polished to give both protection and better look. This is surely stable feet since the wooden base has large footprints made of the cut root.

These two ideas are the great references of table with glass top and wooden base. The combination of these materials does not disappoint you as the room will be nicely decorated. When these two are not enough, you are still able to find other great references of dining table wood for interior decoration.

Image Source : pinterest.com