35+ Classy Modern Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

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Designing and decorating your living room is necessary. This is one of the important spaces in your house where you can enjoy the family time. That's why it should be made as comfortable as possible. In case you are now looking for some ideas, you can try farmhouse living room design ideas. This is simple yet nice design to choose. It will create the rustic style by having natural elements in decoration. Of course, it can be make the room much better and you will get the classy look. In this case, you need to check these examples as the useful suggestions.

For the first option, the living room looks so rustic. The living room looks so classy although you may not find any luxurious and expensive furniture and other decorative stuffs. Most of the furniture uses the wooden material. Even, the table between the sofas uses simple wood bars as the material and it is not polished, so it shows its rustic wooden texture. Then, there are candles with stands on it as the decoration. On the floor, it has simple rug with the diamond pattern and it uses the monochrome colors. These are the first reference of farmhouse living rooms to try.

The next example of farmhouse living room design ideas is the vintage living room. It still uses the wooden element in its decoration. The wooden elements can be found in its wooden floor painted in dark brown. Then, it has rattan chairs. However, the main attention of this room is its vintage sofas. The sofas look unique and attractive with its colorful vertical stripes as the pattern on all over parts of the bodies. Then, it has nice rug on the floor with pale color to show the vintage farmhouse design.

These are some references of design idea for your living room. Basically, the farmhouse design is mostly about the natural element and pale color. Then, it shows simplicity, so it may not be full of decorative stuffs. That is why the examples of the farmhouse living room design ideas show you the simple yet nice design to decorate your living room.

Image Source : pinterest.com