38 Good Kitchen Island Decor and Design Ideas

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Having a statement island at the kitchen’s center is a dream of many. It is a spot in the kitchen where people gather to eat, cook, talk and socialize. If you are currently looking for inspiration to remodel your kitchen island decor, these ideas below might help you to get open-plan, larger, and properly designed island as one of the essential features on kitchen. There are plenty of ways you can bring new refreshing looks to your space by upgrading your island.

As a starting point, you may look for kitchen design ideas that offer extra preparation space and have clear boundary between your cooking zone and the dining area. The shape of a kitchen island may immensely affect the movement flow from high traffic areas. You may choose slim and long unit with running parallel between spots; wide, broad, and complete island with appliances and sink; or the round and neat compact shape. Majority of kitchen islands also includes seating sets on it; even on smaller models it may accommodate bar stools or overhang on the top. Some models come with table style, low level seating.

Besides functional aspects, the use of various materials of kitchen island can encourage a pace change. If you’re feeling border, then it is worth to try an eye-catching color or finishing styles. If you want a show-stopping kitchen island decor, then choosing more expensive looking material would create a focal point for the entire room. These luxurious materials are including veined marble, fabulous timber veneers, burnished metal, shining mirrored glass, or mottle granites.

Every once in a while, trends regarding kitchen island design and model come and go. Keep in mind that there are different aspects that create a good-looking room centerpiece unit. Check out dozens of kitchen design ideas below to give you some inspirations.

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