37 Smart Vintage Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

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The vintage and antique themes go back to the game nowadays. More people are looking to the past to create distinctive look whether in interior design world or fashion industry. Even though a good portion of people are more attracted to the modern or contemporary styles, the impact of Great Gatsby and Mad Men make quite an impact that the world falls back into vintage style. The style is also suitable if you want to apply or looking for living room decorating ideas to your space.

A trendy way to create vintage vibes on your living room is to add traditional fireplace. It could give a touch of resonance to the room. However, while open fire is very much tempting and appealing, it costs a lot and not the most practical to get. For easier alternatives, it can be replaced by modern gas fires with the similar design and looks. To be more specific, you could instantly conjure Victorian classic style by incorporating marble or stone material for the fireplace. If you are more into simple and straightforward style, wooden fireplace in white, grey, or any neutral color paint finishing could add some extra impact to your vintage living room.

Fireplace is just one of the many options to create vintage style in your living room. Other elements such as furniture and wallpaper are also important to be planned, in order to avoid your vintage living room to look old fashioned and stuffy. It is always possible to put a touch of modern into the room by adding contemporary twist or adding some trendy colors.

Creating an ideal vintage styled room is about combining traditional touch, livability, and air of formality in balance. Use these living room decorating ideas to start your vintage project. Only then, you can go ahead to come antique shops, second-hand store, or flea market to find vases, lamps, or even tea sets.

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