Hydroponic Lavender 7 Crucial Point to Grow Adorable and Successfully

Are you interested in the planting method which is called hydroponic ?. If yes, then growing hydroponic lavender by using this method can be a great idea for you.

When you try to grow the beautiful lavender plant hydroponically, you can avoid using soil and replace it with a powerful nutrient that can support the growth of your lavender. Before we continue to talk about the Hydroponic system to grow lavender, you have to get more knowledge about any types of lavender itself. As you can see that lavender is a kind of plant which originated from the Mediterranean area. So, the most suitable environment to grow this plant is under sunny and dry weather.

Most people said that lavender is one of their favorite plants. The physical appearance of this herb is somehow pretty which makes people admire it. Another attractive point of this herb is the good scent. It makes a lot of people adopt this scent for perfume and body cologne. When the lavender plant reaches full growth and its blooming, the hedge part of this plant will grow beautifully. This will attract more growers to have this plant at home. So, when you decide to choose lavender as your favorite herb, you can grow it at home by applying the hydroponic method.

Let’s Grow Your Hydroponic Lavender Plant

lavender plant
Source : pixabay.com / Nietjuh

There are lots of choices if you want to have more plants which can grow under hydroponic method. You can have thyme hydroponic, rosemary hydroponics, or even mint hydroponics. all These plants has almost the same method to grow lavender too. If you are still confused about your choice. Our opinion is about choosing lavender hydroponic as your best choice. By applying the hydroponic method, you will realize that this method will work in planting your hydroponic herb. If you use nutrients, it will give you more benefit rather than you use the standard soil.

Your herb will grow in just the right size with no presence of soil since it will absorb the nutrients directly. There will be no problem with water stress since your herb will just be in such a small condition which can be seen as an efficient condition. So, it will be easier for your plants to get the energy that makes your herb grow at such a maximum level. This is the most important step that you can do to make sure that your herb will stay healthy and fresh for the rest of the year.

If you still worry about how your lavender herb keeps growing by using the hydroponic method. You need to know that your garden will always grow healthy and beautiful with the most beautiful herb of your choice. So, it is always great to choose lavender as your plant. You can grow it soon anytime you want with the best treatment that you can find here.

Your Beautiful Lavender Seeds are Ready to grow!

hydroponic lavender seed
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Lavender is your best choice of seed to grow indoors. This plant requires a mild environment and applying a hydroponic system will always get you under control. Do not forget that this system will require you to have normal temperatures in your indoor planting area. If you already have this ideal environment, you will not have a problem at all to grow your lavender herb hydroponically. This is also another good and important for you who wants to have indoor planting since outdoor planting sometimes will create the problem of temperature changes.

So, let’s start to grow your Lavender plant by knowing about some important points.

  1. The first one, you have to make sure that your lavender herb will always get the heat of the sun around 6 hours per day.
  2. You also need to notice that over-irrigation may become another problem for your herb. It will make your herb stress.
  3. You also need to have good aeration and a simple irrigation system. It makes your herb get the best accumulation of nutrients.
  4. Another important point about growing the herb that you need to know is by having ideal rock wool.
  5. The condition of over thick rock wool will just create another problem for your herb (your herb will be under the condition of too much moisture).
  6. Moreover, you also have to take care of your herb well by keeping it healthy. You need to cut some branches to make sure that your herb is always in good shape.
  7. Another important point if you wish to have a good harvest is by making sure that your herb is not over wet. So always remember to avoid this condition.

The Germination Seed of Lavender with Hydroponic System

The Germination Seed of Lavender
Source : youtube.com /Carrie’s Gardening Channel

Various kinds of beautiful plants are coming from the good quality of seeds. So, if you want to grow more lavender with a hydroponic system, you also need to know about the most correct propagate system. If you want to have good propagation, you need to choose the good quality of plants and do the correct cutting system. The best cutting system which you can apply for growing the best lavender is with semi-hardwood or softwood cutting.

Furthermore, if you wish to have a good quality of lavender is by choosing the miracle seed. It has good quality which you can buy or order from the good plantation store. The time that you need when you propagate the lavender seeds is around 10 up to 28 days.

Can You Grow Lavender Herb with a Hydroponic System?

Grow Lavender Herb with a Hydroponic System
Source :  /aquaponictrend.blogspot.com

There are various kinds of setups with the hydroponic system to grow your lavender. Usually, the growth of your lavender will be seen from the type of seeds that you grow. Such as the well-known type of home grown lavender by using the hydroponic system called Kratky Lavender. This is a kind of appropriate lavender choice since it is commonly grown indoors (at home). You can also apply the complete and famous hydroponic system at home which is well known as deep water culture. This method will run smoothly if you take care of your herbs by having a good aeration system. You can also use the air pump.


Hydroponic lavender is a high value crop that can be grown in a greenhouse or indoor garden. This method of growing plants allows for better control over the environment and the plants, while providing a more consistent supply of flowers throughout the year. Lavender growers can cultivate varieties with different colors, aromas, and flavor profiles, to suit any purpose. This method of growing lavender allows for a constant supply of organic herbs to the food and beverage industry. The benefits of this method are many, but its application is limited by the availability of suitable soil. Soil requirements are very specific, so any grower must consult an expert to learn all of the necessary specifics before planting.