17 Types of Eggplant Miracles Vegetable that Simple to Grow

Different types of eggplant are available around the world with China as the world’s leading producer, accounting for more than 60 percent of the worldwide production.

Also known as aubergine or Solanum melongena, this plant is native to India and has been cultivated in the country many years ago.

People have recognized eggplants as a beneficial veggie that resembles hen or goose’ eggs ever since.

What Is Eggplant and Its Characteristic?

Eggplants are part of the nightshade family that also includes tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes.

They are kind of blooming plants and many people often consider them as a vegetable for culinary purposes.

However, botanically speaking, all types of eggplant are actually a berry that requires a warm climate to grow properly.

What are the Different Types of Eggplant?Types of Eggplant

Ranging in color and size, you can find a lot of variety of eggplants out there. While one with deep purple skin is very common, they may come in green, white, red, or even black.

Some eggplants sometimes feature in striped skin and their special colors frequently become their source of the name.

Most eggplant plants are grown as an annual with big and ovate foliage. They generate egg-shaped berry that features in glossy surfaces.

1. African Garden Egg Eggplant

garden egg african eggplant
Source : youtube.com / Dominican Centre

Having a highly bitter taste and a very small size, these types of eggplant typically come with yellow color and are ideal for cooking with a variety of sauces.

African Garden Egg also makes a great complement to a sort of dish made of meats, vegetables, and meats.

Thanks to its tiny size, it is possible to grow this eggplant in small gardens. In West Africa, this plant is particularly popular and both stores as well as transports very well.

Despite its size, the African Garden Egg is very nutritious. You can enjoy very few calories and a rich amount of beta-carotene, vitamin C, and a lot of other nutrients.

2. Bianca Eggplant

bianca eggplants
Source : youtube.com / Vin Mendoza

This Italian heirloom variety has a rich, sugary flavor. Physically, the eggplant features big and round flesh. Meanwhile, the skin is thin with a mix of white and purple colors.

You can take advantage of this eggplant for stuffing or making parmesan. Other recipes for cooking Bianca variety are also available online for your easy reference.

3. Graffiti Eggplant

graffiti eggplant
source : youtube.com / Midwest Gardener

Featuring fascinating and delicate striped markings, these types of eggplant come in either be large or small.

More interestingly, this eggplant is perfect for eating whole.

Since they have tiny seeds and very thin skin, you don’t need to peel them if needed. Besides, these eggplants are tasty when baked, roasted, and stewed.

These eggplant plants come in several varieties including the Fairytale, Shooting Stars, and Purple Rain.

The Graffiti also cooks rapidly and is particularly delicious when paired with cheeses like feta and mozzarella. Grilled meats make a good pair for this eggplant too.

4. Little Green Eggplant

Little Green Eggplant
Source : youtube.com /California Gardening

You can identify the little green eggplant through its pale green color and the round, plump shape.

These types of eggplant offer very creamy and mild flavor when cooked, making them perfect for any kind of recipe that requires the vegetable.

5. Japanese White Egg Eggplant

Japanese White Egg Eggplant
Source : youtube.com / OklahomaGardening

Serving a delicate sweet taste, this kind of hardy, productive eggplant comes in a thin skin and resembles a small egg in terms of size and shape.

In addition to white, this eggplant also comes in other colors including purple, pink, lavender, and green.

Meanwhile, the stem of the Japanese White Egg eggplant is typically in the darker shade of purple.

It makes a popular roasted side dish, but you can also add the veggie to Japanese sesame chicken as well as other kinds of soups.

This variety is different from the regular Japanese White eggplant since the latter is more similar to a standard purple eggplant in terms of size and shape.

6. Sicilian Eggplant

Source : youtube.com /California Gardening

As known as Melanzane, Sicilian eggplants are popular for their unique light purple skins and round shape.

These types of eggplant have thin and tender skin, but the flesh seems dense to the touch of your hands.

You can cook Sicilian eggplants in several minutes only and there are a variety of great recipes to try too.

7. Ping Tung Eggplant

Ping Tung Eggplant
Source : youtube.com / Never Enough Dirt

Featuring tender, sweet flesh, the Ping Tung eggplant is dark purple. Native to Taiwan, this variety is popular all around Asia.

If you are interested in enjoying its texture and taste, try grilling the veggie and serving it with a small amount of salt as well as olive oil.

This is one of the eggplant varieties that come with some exceptional characteristics such as does not need to be peeled and grows well in all zones in the US.

It is not bitter in flavor and the color will turn darker when it matures. You will love to cook the veggie for stir-fry recipes.

Thanks to its pretty long length that measures 11 inches and thin skin, this kind of eggplant is ideal for various dishes.

8. Tango Eggplant

Tango Eggplant
Source : ustpicked.com

This kind of white eggplant resembles either egg or pear in terms of shape. Different from the previous variety, you need to peel it due to its thick skin.

However, you can enjoy a firmer and creamier texture of the Tango eggplant compared to other varieties.

When the harvesting time is just around the corner, the Tango eggplant will become stronger in taste and turn yellow. Meanwhile, the texture is going to be firmer as well.

9. Aswad Eggplant

Aswad Eggplant_Midwest Gardener
Source : youtube.com /Midwest Gardener

Aswad cultivars are types of eggplant from Iraq that come with a big teardrop shape. They are not non-bitter varieties with tender and dark purple skin.

Its name ‘Aswad’ refers to the dark-colored skin that means ‘black’ in Iraq. Thanks to its delicious fruit, this eggplant plant is getting more popular now.

10. Fairy Tale Eggplant

Fairy Tale Eggplant
Source : youtube.com /All-America Selections Flowers & Vegetables

Fairy Tale cultivars refer to types of eggplant that are pretty small in size. As the flavor, the appearance of these varieties are luscious.

The skin of this eggplant is white with either purple or violet stripes. Meanwhile, the taste of Fairy Tale is sweet and it has few feeds only.

11. Italian Eggplant

Italian Eggplant
Source :www.selectfoodsmarket.com

Even though it features a similar appearance to the standard Globe eggplant, this variety owns certain distinct characteristics.

Despite its tiny size, the eggplant is fat and comes with very tender flesh. As the name suggests, this scrumptious variety makes a great addition to any Italian recipe.

12.Rosita Eggplant

Rosita Eggplant_Liliya's Garden Channel
Source : youtube.com /Liliya’s Garden Channel

Different from other types of eggplant, Rosita has the loveliest skin with its beautiful shade of electric lavender-pink color.

Rosita is very tasty although it is a kind of open-pollinated eggplant that is popular for being too bitter and seedy.

This eggplant plant can reach up to 4 ft in height and is very productive. Rosita is typically earlier than its Italian counterparts.

13. Ichiban Eggplant

Ichiban Eggplant_Garden on a hill
Source : youtube.com /Garden on a hill

Ichiban Japanese eggplant is another productive variety that serves delicious fruit. It tastes mild and sweet, making it ideal for roasting as well as grilling.

You need to grow this Japanese eggplant variety in warm conditions so that it can reach up to 4 feet in height and 3 feet in width.

14.Thai Long Green Eggplant

Thai Long Green Eggplant
Source : youtube.com /Mary’s Roof Garden

These types of eggplant are among the most favorite varieties in Southern Asia. Thanks to their superb taste, many professional chefs prefer the Thai Long Green.

The Thailand heirloom variety will do well in cool climates and can provide you with a very tender, mild flavored eggplant.

15. Mitoyo Eggplant

Mitoyo Eggplant
Source : youtube.com /Growing Your Vegetables

If you are looking for a medium to large eggplant that offers sweet and dense flesh, Mitoyo can be your best choice.

Mitoyo is one of the Japanese types of eggplant that are great for cooking. Besides, this heirloom features a smooth glossy black skin and is pretty productive.

16. Black Beauty Eggplant

Black Beauty Eggplant 2
Source : youtube.com / OklahomaGardening

Black beauty is another popular eggplant cultivar that generates bell-shaped fruit of 10 to 15 cm long.

As the name suggests, this open-pollinated eggplant comes with glossy black skin. Then, you should pick the fruit at peak maturity for the most impressive yields.

17. Santana Eggplant

Santana Eggplant
Source : youtube.com /Urban Gardening

Those who are into big eggplants will love to have this Santana variety in their gardens. The Italian cultivar has dark purple skin and a teardrop shape.

Unlike other varieties, these types of eggplant are not very stringy or hard. Therefore, people tend to grill Santana for various recipes.

Since Santana eggplants split open less quickly than other varieties, they are great for roasting on the grill.

What Are the Health Benefits of Eggplant Plants?

What Are the Health Benefits of Eggplant Plants
Source : youtube.com /Question Channel

To bring a distinctive texture and mild savor to various recipes, eggplant also serves a sort of potential health benefits.

As a nutrient-dense food, eggplant can provide a good amount of necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber for your body.

Most types of eggplant are also rich in antioxidants, making them perfect to help defend your body from dangerous substances like free radicals.

Moreover, thanks to this content, eggplants may be useful to diminish the risk of heart-related diseases as well by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Meanwhile, due to its low amount of calories, eggplants make a great companion for those who want to lose weight.

In short, whether you like to try various Japanese eggplant recipes or other varieties, there is no need to hesitate anymore.

You just need to find your favorite types of eggplant and cook them in a few minutes for high-fiber, low-calorie dishes.

Both purple and white eggplants are members of the same species (Solanum melongena) but have been bred to produce different colors. Purple eggplants contain higher concentrations of anthocyanins, which are natural pigments that give eggplants their red color. White eggplants contain more lycopene, which gives eggplants their yellow color. Which one would you choose?


Eggplants are delicious fruits that come in many colors. They can be used in many dishes, including dips, soups, and salads. An eggplant has a tough skin, which can be peeled off easily. Inside, the fruit is filled with water and oil, which help the fruit keep fresh longer.