25 Most Popular Types of Radishes The most Attractive Plant

Many types of radishes are available all around the world, varying not only in appearance but also in size, shape, and taste.

Then, what is radish and why you need to pay attention to this plant? Generally, it is a root veggie that is part of the Brassicaceae family.

You can grow radishes right in your garden beds or in pots. Once matured, they will make a great ingredient for your favorite dishes at home.

25 Different Types of Radishes to Grow in Your Home Garden

Ranging in colors like pink, purple, green, red, white, and black, radish is one of the popular root veggies with many varieties available to grow.

Since their taste is dissimilar from one and another, consider planting some of them to experiment with which variety you prefer.

The following list of types of radishes will be helpful to find your favorite today!

1. Round Black Spanish

Black Spanish radish looks distinctive and tastes exceptional when compared to other varieties. As a result, growing it in the garden can be much more fun.

It has creamy white flesh and a round spherical shape. Meanwhile, the flavor of the Black Spanish radish is pretty strong, making this variety different from the red or white cultivars.

2. Daikon Long White

If you need large types of radishes, the Daikon Long White is probably of interest with its 14 inches long.

Daikon White has a nice, delicious flavor that is also crispy and a little sweet. However, you need to wait about 60 days to get this radish mature.

3. China Rose Radish

Instead of the usual round shape, this Chinese Rose radish comes with an elongated form. While the outer appearance is purple-red, the flesh tends to be white with pink veins.

China Rose radish can withstand lower temperatures, making it perfect to grow at the beginning of autumn.

You can easily recognize this radish taste since it has a delicate flavor at first and suddenly turn into a surprising pungent one.

4. White Icicle

Similar to Daikon types of radishes, this variety comes with a cylindrical long root that measures 5 to 6 inches in length.

Consider picking it before maturing since it tastes best when young. You can eat White Icicle solely or mix the radish in salads or other recipes.

5. Cherry Belle Radish

If you need something good for salads, Cherry Belle radish makes an excellent option with its crispy, pungent, and sweet flavor.

Moreover, this early maturing radish variety is among the most popular ones in the gardening world. You can pick the veggie immediately after 23-27 days of germination.

6. Easter Egg Radish

As the name suggests, these types of radishes resemble the shape of Easter eggs. In addition to white, they also come in other colors including lavender, purple, pink, and red.

Make sure to harvest Easter Egg radishes when they reach around one inch of diameter to prevent them from getting bitter and stiff.

7. Early Scarlet Gold Radish

This kind of radish features white flesh with red skin. Meanwhile, the flavor of Early Scarlet Gold is typically tender and juicy.

You can expect to enjoy the juicy and tender flavor of this Early Scarlet Gold.

8. Chinese Green Luobo Radish

These types of radishes are an heirloom variety with lime-green flesh and skin. You may also find this radish under its different name: Qinluobo.

9. French Breakfast Radish

The French Breakfast radish has vivid red skin with a white rounded tip, making it distinguishable when compared to other varieties.

It offers a delicate crispy flavor and is slightly acrid. As an early maturing variety, the French Breakfast radish is ready to reap after 25-30 days of planting the seedlings.

10. Sakurajima Mammoth Radish

If you are looking for types of radishes that offer a highly sweet and mild taste, Sakurajima Mammoth is one of the answers.

This is among the largest variety of radishes all around the world that weighs up to 45 kg when fully matures.

11. White Beauty Radish

White Beauty is a kind of small radish that features white color both outside and inside. It has a high round shape while the flavor is sweet as well as juicy.

12. Watermelon Radish

Compared to the regular varieties, Watermelon radish provides you with a mildly sweet and less peppery flavor.

The outer side of these types of radishes is between white and beige with a little green color. Meanwhile, inside, it appears like a watermelon with its white edge around the vivid pink flesh.

After planting, you need to wait for around 50-60 days to see the Watermelon radish mature. Make sure to provide it with 7-8 cm of spacing to promote the best growth.

13. Sparkler Radish

Different from White Beauty, this radish is all white on the inside only while the outer side is red. You can expect a tasty flavor when cooking it as a vegetable.

Sparkler radish has a very round shape and is pretty exceptional in terms of appearance.

14. White Hailstone Radish

If you are interested in growing one of the best-tasting radish plants, don’t forget to include White Hailstone on the list.

It has solid firm flesh with a slightly pungent flavor that is juicy and crispy at the same time. You should harvest White Hailstone after a month of planting.

15. Pink Radish

Those who want to grow vegetables for a container garden will love to add pink radish varieties like the Celebration, Lady Slipper, and Summercicle.

These types of radishes offer striking pink skin color and come with a rounded or somewhat elongated shape.

Pink radishes are mostly early maturing varieties, so you can harvest them after a month of planting only.

16. Zlata Radish

In case you want to beautify your garden with exceptional types of radishes, Zlata makes a great choice with its uncommon yellow color.

You can say that this radish appears like a tiny potato, but the flavor is pungent and spicy. The variety will be ready to harvest in approximately 30 days.

With its little tender leaves, Zlata radish is ideal for salads as well as other green recipes.

17. Malaga Violet Radish

If other radish varieties seem too spicy for your palate, consider tasting the Malaga Violet to enjoy a sweet and mild flavor.

This polish variety has an earthy flavor that can attract many people. Meanwhile, its round shape and exceptional deep purple skin will make it a fascinating garden addition.

18. Horseradish

Even though types of radishes are more popular for their roots, you can also enjoy the greens of the horseradish.

Horseradish makes a great option if you want a radish that will not cause a bitter savor in the mouth.

Make sure to grow Horseradish in fall or winter so that this variety will mature and is ready to use in spring.

19. Helios Radish

Growing up to around 2 to 3 inches, Helios is a small-sized plum radish with vibrant yellow color.

This round radish variety is different from other radishes as it tastes sweet and works well with a variety of salads.

20. Lady Slipper Radish

The name of these types of radishes comes from their shape that looks like slippers. It has white and crisply inner flesh which can please the tastebuds.

Lady Slipper will make a nice complement for your garden with its bold, glossy pink color that is attractive to the eyes.

21. Plum Purple Radish

Growing 1 to 2 inches in diameter when mature, Plum Purple radish is a variety of radish with vibrant color that is ranging from purple to burgundy.

It has sugary, crispy flesh that makes the variety a nice treat for both tongue and eyes. You can rely on Plum Purple for various radish recipes including salads or buttered toast.

22. Cherriette Radish

Different from other types of radishes, Cherriette can grow well in warm environments. It has glossy and smooth red roots that can reach up to 2 inches of diameter when mature.

Whether it is pitching or bunching, you can count on the sweet-tasting of this Cherriette radish.

23. Sichuan Red Beauty Radish

Sichuan Red Beauty is red both outside and inside, making it perfect for pickling purposes and dressing salads.

Besides, Sichuan Red Beauty is not difficult to grow, particularly if you cultivate it in a cool climate.

You will love its long, slender appearance that serves a sugary flavor and offers lots of antioxidants as well as vitamins.

24. Philadelphia White Box Radish

Coming with white flesh and beige skin, this heirloom variety typically grows up to the size of a golf ball.

The taste of the Philadelphia White Box radish is crispy and mild. It can mature in around a month for your best interest.

25. French Dressing Radish

Growing up to 2 inches long and less than 1 inch wide, the French Dressing radish is a variety that you can harvest in around 24 days.

French Dressing radish has red skin with a white tip and pure flesh color. The flavor of this variety is peppery as well as zesty.

What is the best radish to eat?

1. Green radishes have a milder flavor than most other radishes.

2. Pickling radishes have a crunchier texture than regular ones.

3. When you want to eat a radish, pickle it in salt water or vinegar to intensify its flavor


In conclusion, various types of radishes are available to provide you with a lot of minerals and vitamins. Don’t hesitate to pick your favorite for fighting a sort of health issues.