30 Fabulous Japanese Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom is important part in your house. This area is not just for cleaning and refreshing your body from dirt and fatigue. Moreover, people transform bathroom as a place to obtain relaxation and tranquility. You may have spa tub for taking a long bath with warm water. This kind of bathroom is what you often see as Japanese style. Of course, many variations are available for bathroom ideas with Japanese theme and decoration.

Discussing Japanese theme for bathroom includes two major ideas you should consider. Firstly, you have modern bathroom including the tub and shower area. This decoration is for modern and minimalist bathroom. As you know, most people in Japan live in the city and urban areas. They do not have much space, and the house is mostly in outer section of city. Moreover, minimalist and modern concept has been the top choice for most of bathrooms in Japan’s houses. You can implement the style easily in your apartments or house.

Next option for Japanese bathroom ideas is the nature style. You may recognize hot spring that’s very popular in Japan. Just adopt this style and implement it in your house. The room uses nature decoration, such as wood and stone, while the bathtub has traditional look and design with wooden material. Your entire wall can have full wooden or stones depending on your situation. If the house is in suburban and rural area, having bathroom with open area is good idea. For safety and privacy, you can add curtain and put the antiglare window.

From two basic decorations, you may expand them into several variations. Outdoor style is interesting one, but you should know how to make the bathroom more comfortable. The decoration has to be convenient especially if you live in crowded city. For modern design, you can mix it with more functional sections. The bathroom must have functionality and artistic sides in balance. That’s what you get from bathroom ideas with Japanese style.

Image Source : pinterest.com