Variegated String of Heart Plant, Beautiful Types of String

Variegated string of hearts

A variegated string of heart plant is easy to grow. It is also fun to grow. The most important thing to know about this plant is that it doesn’t require much light. That’s why it’s so common in people’s gardens. Another thing that you need to know is that the variegated string of heart plant … Read more

How to care Monstera deliciosa large 

How to care Monstera deliciosa large 

How to care Monstera deliciosa large. The Monstera deliciosa is a plant, or rather, a bromeliad that comes from the tropics of South America. The Monstera deliciosa is a fast-growing perennial, a flowering plant that reproduces via seeds. These plants are often confused with the bromeliads, because they are similar in appearance. The Monstera deliciosa … Read more

Cebu blue Cutting The Easiest Guide to do

How to Cutting Cebu blue from Cutting 

Before we talk about Cebu Blue Cutting. Did you know that The cebu blue pothos plant is native to the island of Cebu in the Philippines. The plant produces tiny yellow flowers that bloom in summer. This tropical houseplant is very easy to grow. It requires high humidity and lots of sunlight to thrive. Because … Read more

How to Grow Aglaonema with Low Light (Best Varieties)

How to grow Aglonema with low light

How to grow Aglaonema with low light. Light is an essential ingredient in Aglaonema’s growth. Without sufficient light, the plants don’t produce new leaves as often as they should. To encourage plants to produce more leaves, use the full light spectrum: blue, red, and green light. It’s recommended that Aglaonema be grown indoors, but if … Read more

White and Green Plant Varieties How to grow Hosta Easy Step

How to grow Hosta White and green Plant varieties 

How to grow Hosta White and green Plant varieties? Hostas are one of the easiest houseplants to grow. They don’t need much soil or care, but they do require full sun and high humidity. For optimal growth, hostas should be planted in pairs or in larger groups. Hostas also have small, fragrant white flowers that … Read more