37 Lovely Backyard Playground Ideas For Kids

Children need a space to explore the environment freely. However, it is important to be able to do that exploration in a safe place where older people can supervise them. This is the reason why family with kids who have extra space at the back of their house wish to have a backyard playground. There are so many ideas to explore and the ones to be mentioned here are very doable.

The first example of playground kids ideas is a chalkboard wall. This particular space is great because it allows children to practice their fine motor skills and creativity. Children can doodle and even learn lessons from using this chalkboard wall. The wall itself is simple to work on. Paint products with chalkboard finishing are widely available in the market. It can be applied with basic painting tools and required no help from professional.

Other parents may want to encourage their kids to try out more challenging activities. A playground kids idea to try is designing a badminton court for the children. It can be done on a concrete site. All you need to do is create markings with special paint that will handle traffic really well. Parents also need to prepare the dividing net for this court. A good thing about it is that the court can be used to play other sports such as tennis and volleyball although the markings are slightly different.

Building sandcastles is also a fun activity that can be done easily in a backyard playground. To create the space for this, homeowner can dug a concrete pool in the backyard then fill it with beach sand. Beach sand is readily available for purchase these days. To have tropical vibe like you are on the beach, some decorations can be added. The sand pool can be surrounded by seashells. It would be great to have several mini palm trees grown on the site. The trees would provide shades to protect children from harsh lighting

Image Source : pinterest.com