How Long does Hoya Flower Last (6 Common Thing to Care)

How long does Hoya flower last? This question is really interest to discuss. First, Hoya is a genus of flowering plants that includes many species of shrubs and small trees in the family Sapindaceae, native to eastern North America. The average lifespan of hoya flower is about three weeks. You can store them for longer periods in water. 

How long does hoya flower last
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Hoya plants are great for flowering indoors, but you need a lot of space to grow them properly. You can still enjoy the color of the leaves. They have pretty foliage all year round. Keep a close eye on your hoya plant so that it doesn’t become too large and miss its peak blooming season. 

Can I put my Hoya plant outside?

How long does hoya flower last
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The hoya plant is a beautiful flower that is easy to care for. You should be able to put them in almost any type of soil, although some prefer rich, well-drained soil. You should also make sure that you have enough sunlight. And you can keep them in a greenhouse, porch, or window. A greenhouse is the perfect place to keep them. This way, they will receive plenty of sunlight and heat.

Put Them in The Porch and Give Them Lots of Sunlight.

A porch is a good choice too, as long as you cover it with shade cloth during the winter months. You can also buy a pot and grow them outside. Just make sure that you don’t leave them in direct sunlight all day. You can keep them indoors, as long as you take them out and give them fresh air once in a while. You can place them near an open window. Do not leave them direct of sunlight all they long when summer. 

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How Long do Hoya Flowers Take to Bloom?

Hoya is one of the most popular plants. They come in all colors. They are also quite easy to grow. Most people would like to grow them indoors. If you want to grow them indoors, you need a lot of space. So, if you have some space in your home, you can easily start growing them. You should not expect them to bloom all the time. The blooming season is only between April and June.

How do You Keep a Hoya Blooming?

In addition, you can also expect different flowers to bloom depending on the variety. Hoya flowers have a lot of different shapes and sizes. You can grow them indoors if you choose the right type. You need to look for hoya plants that bloom early and that are easy to care for. If you live in an apartment or condo, you might not have much space. If this is the case, you should use hanging baskets. One of the crucial factor to keep them blooming is giving them best fertilizer.

What is the best fertilizer for Hoya?

Hoya plants are very easy to grow. You only need enough water to keep them from drying out. You can plant them in a pot or directly in the ground. And you need to water them regularly. They don’t need much light. You can use artificial light in the early morning or at night, and they will grow well. Once they get large, you can use some natural sunlight to keep them from getting too big.

If you don’t give them enough light, they may become leggy. You should also fertilize them regularly. Make sure to use fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 20-10-20. If you don’t, your plant will grow more slowly and the blooms will be smaller. Best Fertilizer will gives hoya longer times to bloom and answering the question how long does hoya flower last.

Different Types of Hoya Plants

Hoya plants have several types. The common types are the Hoya regia, the Hoya arborea, and the Hoya cordata. Hoya regia is an evergreen plant with green leaves. It is easy to grow and has a lot of nutrients. The Hoya arborescens is also an evergreen plant. Its leaves are gray and brownish.

The Hoya cordata is a deciduous plant. Its leaves are yellow and orange, and it is one of the easiest to grow. Some of the other plants can be used for medical purposes. Next you will find the answer of the question how long does hoya flower last completely.

Types of Hoya Plants Can be Used for Medical Purposes

There are different kinds of hoya plants. Some are edible, while some are medicinal. You should know which one is which. There are some that can be used for medical purposes. For instance, some of them can be used to cure colds, constipation, and sore throats. Others can be used to cure diabetes.

However, it is very important to know which one is safe to use and which one is dangerous. You should also know how to grow hoya plants. Because different types will come with different answer about how long does hoya flower last.

Hoya Plants are Easy to Grow and Maintain 

How long does hoya flower last
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Hoya plants are easy to grow and maintain. You can water them daily, and they can last several months if you are diligent about maintaining your plants. You need to be careful when you are pruning a hoya plant because it can damage the roots and cause problems. It is also important to fertilize them regularly to avoid them from becoming weak and withering. All this factor will inflict how long does hoya flower last.

  • Appropriate Soil and Drip Irrigation system

If you keep the soil moist, you will have healthier plants. You can even use a drip irrigation system to water your plants efficiently. A drip irrigation system is one of the best ways to water your plants. It is good to avoid over watering your plants because it can cause mold growth and rot. It is also important to provide adequate sunlight for your plants.

If you want to add some color to your room, you can put your hoya plants outside in the sun during the summer. They will bloom all year round if you leave them outdoors during the winter. You can also give your plant some repotting once every two to three years. A drip irrigation and good soil will affect how long does hoya flower last.

  • Water Requirement of Hoya Plants

Hoya plants grow well under very dry conditions. They don’t need a lot of water when they first come out of the ground. But as they grow, they need more and more water. You should use a little bit of fertilizer along with the water. Otherwise, the plants may wilt and die. You should always keep an eye on the plants. You should also check them daily to see if there is any problem. It is very important factor that will affect how long does Hoya flower last.

  • Proper Humidity Levels of Hoya flower

Hoya flowers need to be kept at proper humidity levels to grow properly. If it’s too dry, it will get weak and not grow well. To keep it at the proper humidity, you should use a humidifier. The water that you put into the humidifier should be clean and fresh. It must be made of plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. You should change the water every three to four months.

If the humidity is too low, your Hoya will be sick. It won’t grow healthy and you will have to throw it away. Make sure that you don’t put any chemicals or pesticides into your Hoya. These things are poisonous and can kill your Hoya. it will also affect how long does Hoya flower last if you not keep on eye with humidity levels.

  • Ideal Temperature of Hoya Plants

Hoya plants are usually grown in a greenhouse. The ideal temperature for them is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They grow best at a temperature between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a good idea to bring them outside when it gets warmer than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they are outside, they will need to be watered more frequently.

  • Ideal Pot Size of Hoya flower

The size of your ideal pot depends on what type of plant you want to grow. The most important thing to consider is the size of the container. If you want to grow hoya, you should pick a pot with a diameter of 8 inches.

This is because 8 inches is an ideal diameter for this type of flower. You should always measure the container before planting your plants. Appropiate pot will help on make it grow and affect How long does Hoya flower last.

  • Pest And Disease of Hoya flower

There are many people who love hoyas because they are beautiful and have a wide variety of colors and shapes. However, the hoya flower also has some problems that can affect its growth and development. One problem is that it can get insects and diseases.

One example is the honey fungus that grows on the leaves of the hoya flower. Another one is the scale that grows on the hoya flower. These problems can also be found on other types of plants as well. The hoya flower can become infected by certain types of insects and parasites as well. Pest and Disease will also affect How long does Hoya flower last.

Hoya flower has Many Colors With Different Meaning

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The hoya flower has many colors, and each one has its own unique color. There are some colors which are brighter than others. The colors of the hoya flower vary from pink, yellow, orange, red, and violet. The white and light-colored flowers are called the buds. Some of the hoya flowers are single. Others are double or multiple.

Some of the flowers have a very big calyx. Others have a small calyx. Some flowers have a large head. Other flowers have a small head. Some of the flowers have a round shape. Others have a star shape. The stems of the flowers are usually tall and straight. Some are bent.

Hoya Flowers Have Their Own Unique Meaning

The Hoya flower has a lot of colors, and each color has a meaning. Let’s talk about these meanings. Red means passion, love, and lust. “White means purity. Orange means happiness and joy. Pink means tenderness and innocence. Purple means power and royalty. Blue means sorrow and depression. Black means strength and courage. Yellow means energy and joy. “Green means friendship, harmony, and peace. Brown means health and prosperity. These are some of the meanings of different colors. They all symbolize something different. Use your imagination to visualize the colors and their meanings.

How Long does Hoya Flower Lasts After It is Picked 

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Hoya flower lasts for about two weeks after it is picked. After that, the flowers die. So, you need to plant new ones in order to keep growing. To grow a new flower, you need to cut off a piece of the old one and put it in the ground. The roots will then grow into the soil. Once they reach the bottom of the pot, they’ll form a new stem and the flower will bloom. 

Do Hoya Flowers Smell?

Hoya flower lasts for about two weeks. It starts to smell after three or four days. If you put it in water, it will last longer. In that case, you can keep it in water for two weeks. You can put it on your table or shelf so that it doesn’t get dirty. Just keep it somewhere cool. Make sure to wash it every once in a while. You should just put them in a vase so that you can admire them. It will last a lot longer if you put them in a dark place. 

All the step will affect How long does Hoya flower last when Hoya already Blooming.


In conclusion, Hoya is one of the beautiful flowers that bloom during spring season. These flowers can grow from 1 to 6 inches tall. Their petals have a pinkish-purple color, and they usually have a dark red center. The flowers are mostly used to decorate homes and gardens. 

You can plant these beautiful flowers either in the garden or on the terrace or balcony. That is all about the answer from the question how long does Hoya flower last. Hope you enjoy to read it and lets grow your Hoya Successfully.  You can also learn about a variety of plant species. Read more about plants, gardening, and growing in different post.