Hydroponic Watermelons Full Guide with 4 Best Tips to Grow

Hydroponic watermelons
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Hydroponic watermelons can be the best choice for your healthy snack in the summer. It contains natural glucose with low-calorie, and you can always choose this fruit for your daily snack during your best summertime. Watermelons is a kind of hydrating fruit that consists of healthy nutrients such as the ultimate antioxidants, minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. It will be so healthy for your daily consumption especially during summertime when the temperature is just so hot.

The family of watermelons is Cucurbitaceae, and if you feel interested to grow this fruit, you can grow this fruit with a hydroponic system. It will require you the most practical treatment such as the absences of soil usage and you can also insert liquid of nutrients solutions to make sure that you will grow a healthy watermelons fruit plant.

Can Watermelons be Grown Hydroponically?

Can Watermelons be Grown Hydroponically
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Of course, watermelon trees can grow hydroponically, all you need to know is about the good and correct hydroponic treatment for the watermelon trees which includes the good choice of planting media such as the choice of gravel and sand. You can also choose the familiar medium such as the pop rocks since this medium will always keep the water well and will also transfer the water in such a good flow. It is also easy for the grower if they want to clean up the small size of pellet balls. So, enjoy your time to grow your watermelons hydroponically.

How to Grow Hydroponic Watermelons

Grow Hydroponic Watermelons
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The basic knowledge of growing your plant by applying hydroponic planting technique is about how you will not use any kind of soil media and replaces it with the healthy nutrients. You will also need to include the water which consists of ideal Ph balance to help the watermelons grow stronger. This hydroponic system will be suitable for those who do not have enough space in growing the watermelon plants. There will be no need to use more soils for the expansion and growth of the watermelon plant root.

Another good point of growing your watermelons hydroponically is because of the short span about 3-4 months of plant growth and the larger size of your watermelon fruits, and you can reduce the problems of weeds and pests attack. But, the most important point that you must think about is the presence of enough sunlight to grow your watermelon plants and to make sure that you have something good to support the growth of your watermelons since when your watermelons is growing bigger, you need to support the weight of this fruit.

The Important Rules of Growing Your Hydroponic Watermelons Technique

hydroponic watermelon
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If you are applying the method of hydroponic to grow your plants, you will realize that this is a good and modern planting system that will surely be increasing the yields of fruits if you compare it with the traditional gardening method by using soil. This hydroponic method also helps to make you grow some types of fruits that cannot grow in some circumstances. The first important rule for you to recognize when you want to grow your watermelons hydroponically is by making sure that your plants will get enough sunlight since the basic requirements for your watermelon plants to grow is by getting enough supply of sunlight from 8 up to 10 hours daily.

Make Sure Your Hydroponic Plants Get Enough Light Supply

Plants Get Light
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So, if the condition of your watermelon plants is in the garden which took place in the greenhouse, this condition will let the sunlight directly appear as natural sunlight. The technique of growing your plants hydroponically is by having enough supply of grow lights. The growers will also consider doing the periodical trimming to make sure that the watermelon plants will always grow in a good shape, not too heavy and the branches will not be blocking the supply of sunlight for other parts of branches located at the back.

Taking Care of Your Hydroponic Plants with Good Temperature

Hydroponic watermelon Plants  lighting
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Your Hydroponic plants, such as watermelons will require a good and standard temperature which is suitable for your plants. If you already have a good lighting system, you will need no worry about the heat around your watermelon plants. You can also check the temperature condition daily by making sure that your plants are always in good heat, do not forget to place the thermometer in your plantation area and check it regularly. The temperature standard which will be needed for your plants is around 21 up to 23 Celsius. Meanwhile, the trees which are already getting older can be under 18 up to 26 Celsius.

Set Up the Good Ventilation and Check the Humid Condition

Hydroponic Watermelon ventilation setting
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Your ventilation setting should not be in such an advanced condition, but you must notify the important condition of your ventilation by having a good movement of air ventilation. With the ideal air movement, it makes your plants convert CO2 easily, and this ideal condition will also support your plants by avoiding any types of fungus to attack your plants. Maybe you can also do some kinds of research for the right type of ventilation system for your type of plants.

Can I Grow Watermelon Indoors?

Grow Watermelon Indoors
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When we talk about growing watermelons indoors, the choice of growing this fruit hydroponically is always the best since this growing system is always suitable for many kinds of plants. The grower will also need setups with smaller size and choose the system of hydroponic watermelon which floats to make sure that the watermelons will get enough nutrients solutions and stay in a correct position. The grower may think about growing the watermelon plants hydroponically by applying the system of ebb and flow since this system will have multiple feeding systems for all the plants just from the one single tank. This will make your job more practical since you will only need to check the condition of this 1 tank.

The system of ebb and flow will make you do the setup of putting one or some more pots throughout the reservoir. The position of watermelon plants will be at the upper tray and the
watermelon plants roots are hanging around until it reaches the surface of the water. To make sure that the plants get enough feeding supply, you need to place the nutrients solutions in the correct position.

Lots of Watermelons in tree
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If you think about growing your watermelons hydroponically, you can also think about how many watermelon fruits that you will harvest from just one plant, the answer always depends on how you grow it and what kind of hydroponic system that you apply in growing your watermelons, because the number of fruits can be varied from 1 up 3 watermelons depends on the weight of the watermelons itself.

When you grow your hydroponic watermelon, you may start by buying a super variety of watermelon seeds from the planting store. Do not forget to choose the best medium system, such as the rock wool and you can start to place your watermelon seeds there. Another step for you to do is to make sure that your watermelon plants are in good and moist condition by having a good flow of the watering system.

Moreover, when you start to see that the watermelons begins to grow by showing the roots which can visibly see, you may start on the next step by moving your plants carefully to another kind of medium to make sure that your watermelons growing stronger and do not forget to support the growing process with enough nutrients solutions. In the next step, you will see that the flowers are starting to bloom, and at this time you need to set up the pollination system by placing the stamen of the male flower in a closed position to make sure that the growing of fruits is fully processed. At this time, the production of fruits will be started and you need to check on it regularly.

Get Your Best Tips for Growing Hydroponic Watermelons

Growing Hydroponic Watermelons
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  1. If you already do all the important steps stated below correctly, you can start to do the simple harvesting for your watermelons, you may check the condition of the closest tendrils to the fruits turning to brown color and the surface is just dry and clean. Another condition that you can see is when the color spots of white already turn into yellow around the structure of your watermelon plants.
  2. Some other good tips that you need to realize is by having the correct reservoir size in making sure that you will grow your watermelons in such a good condition, if you already do these correct steps you will mostly have the successful system of growing your watermelons with the hydroponic technique. Make sure that you have the right size of reservoir since if it is too small, your watermelon’s growth might experience some problems, so you need the correct reservoir setup depending on the types of plants that you will grow hydroponic watermelons.
  3. You also need to check the heat supply to make sure that your plants are under warm temperature, since some areas are not having enough supply of natural sunlight, you need to find another lighting solution for your plants by providing the artificial kind of light to keep your plants in such a good and warm temperature.
  4. When you start to grow your hydroponic watermelons plants by applying the hydroponic technique, you can also see that you need a good and ideal environment for the best crops to be cultivated because if you apply this hydroponic correctly you will get the best result. The farmers and growers will surely get lots and more harvests if they are having all growing points in such good control such as the correct management of PH, regular check on movement of the air, enough and correct supply of water and nutrients, make sure your plants also get ideal heat and always under good temperature, also enough CO2.

The Advantages of Growing Hydroponic Watermelons

Advantages of Growing Hydroponic Watermelons
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Another benefit of having watermelon trees with hydroponic watermelons technique is by having a good and better production of watermelon fruits since the taste and the quality of the fruits will be much better compared to the traditional watermelons growth by using soil.

Furthermore, if you are applying the hydroponic watermelons technique for growing your watermelon plants, you will also need to measure the nutrients accurately and precisely, this action will allow the plant to get the correct supply of fertilizer to grow on their maximum condition for hydroponic watermelon and just get the correct supply for the growth for the excellent growth. The watermelon plants will always be in the correct moment to grow and there will be no wasting time to have longer development of the branches and other planting parts compared to the soil farming in a traditional way, so the planting growth will be more efficient and save more time for the farmers.

By growing your plants hydroponically, you will soon realize that the watermelon plants will grow in such a standardized condition where most of the plants have likely characteristics. So the treatments for all plants are mostly the same which includes the pollination and nutritional system, even you will see that the types of modern hybrid planting systems like hydroponic will make sure that you produce stronger and healthier fruits which have fewer problems planting diseases such as fungi or mildew disease.

The Best Temperature for Growing Watermelons Hydroponically

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The type of watermelons fruits can be classified as warm-seasoned fruits since it contains high water and the taste is quite sweet. So, if you decide to grow this fruit, you need to have good knowledge about this fruit which needs to grow under ideal temperature which is around 22 up to 32 degree Celsius, and at night the temperature should be having a right setup around 16 degrees Celsius. When you want to start growing the fruits, the process of germination for this plant will require you around 27 up to 30 degrees of Celsius for the best heat setup to get the best result.


In conclusion, Hydroponic Watermelons is the most effective way of growing fresh vegetables in warm climates and even during the winter when it is too cold to grow outdoors. While hydroponic watermelons requires more water than traditional farming methods, it does not use fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides and produces significantly more yields. There are three main types of hydroponics: aquaponics, aeroponics, and soil-less hydroponics