Stunning Pleached Trees to Add Beauty for Your Outdoor Landscaping

Instead of building fences wall, people find another interesting way to decorate their yards or gardens by using pleached trees. This alternative has been a popular choice for outdoor screening lately.

Garden designers are challenged to use pleached trees idea these days as they are cheaper than creating walls. They add wonderful scenery and are also environmentally-friendly.
Pleached trees are formed by training them onto the desired shape, typically square or rectangular. They can be framed to produce such a nice shape for walks, arbors, tunnels, and arches as well.

They fit for both small and large gardens, depending on how well you can arrange them. These pictures below are just some examples of how the idea can be beautifully applied.
In this article, you will learn what type of trees, how to pleach, and to take care of them, including how much do they cost.

1. Decide the Concept

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It won’t be that simple when it comes to choosing plants for a garden as there are plenty of trees that offer tons of benefits with different kinds of purposes.
A visually attractive garden can only be achieved when you opt for the right materials to be used and combined, resulting in a well-organized concept. It goes the same when adorning your garden.

2. Stunning Looks through the Season

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Hornbeam and beech are two types of trees that will entertain you throughout the seasons with their stunning leaves.
They will shower you with lovely yellowish foliage in the winter, and protect you from harsh UV light in the summer. They surely bring aesthetic appeal to your garden with their value.

3. Opt for Your Trees

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You might ask what are the best trees for pleaching? Many consider Crab Apple and Ornamental pear trees are the suitable ones, regarding the question above.
There are some ways to determine which trees can be used as pleached trees. Since thickness is required for this idea, a tree is supposed to have close space between the buds.

4. Robust Trees

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Pruning is your next step to do as it’s necessary to keep them in the shape you want. A fine condition is also a factor that contributes to making it work as they might get attacked by some disease. Horse Chestnut, Cherry, and Birch trees are the options for that.

Other trees to add for your landscaping idea would be hazel, maple, and lime. They not only give you greenery, but they also help people grow their love for the environment as they provide a lovely shelter.

5. How to Pleach

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How to pleach trees? Pleaching trees is a method of joining tree branches in order to get a hedge.
The technique is commonly used to create a plane over the trunk by lining the tree branches, grafting them onto one another.
You should also support them by making a sturdy framework so that they can grow according to plan.

6. Purchase Them

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Small pleached trees idea works best for limited space such as in the backyard. When you need a shade in your yard, it will provide you more than just plants that add some height to your fence.

You can get lots of benefits by growing trees for creating privacy. As the number of people wanting pleached trees installed on their homes grows more and more, many don’t let the chance go to waste.

7. Well Designed

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Shapes and heights definitely influence the view when it comes to screening. Thickness also takes a point in building the look. Therefore, you need to carefully weigh the use of aspect of pleached trees.

This pathway really has a compelling screening. It looks accordingly planned and fits perfectly that anybody would love to walk between the landscaping.

8. Create a Style

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There are lots of pleached trees for sale offered online. This makes sense as many gardeners might not have much time to grow trees themselves and that they would like to see them in the yard in an instant.

You can get pleached trees that are high enough or you might prefer lower ones. They are suitable for decorating your entrance. You can design the shape so it doesn’t have to be about hedge on stilts style only.

9. Price Range

Different variety of trees will determine their prices. It can be measured based on a tree’s shape, age, and stage of growth. Make sure you know what you’re building. It can cost you around $225 – $1,875 for a single pleached tree.

So, choosing the right trees is necessary because not all kinds of pleached trees serve the same purpose and work the same way.

10. Beautiful Park

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This park, for example, was designed with such a good plan that it doesn’t only decorate the public space, but it also gives whoever needs a shade can enjoy themselves as the trees get them covered.

11. Feel the Comfort

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Pleached trees really have styles that draw people’s attention. They can function as a formal layout with a natural cover. You would be able to feel relaxed under green leaves with a fresh atmosphere.

12. Appropriate for Plenty of PLaces

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They can be presented in many different locations, depending on their purposes. They are proved to go along with so many designs or building and other plants as well.
Some suggest planting pleached trees around 10-12 feet. During the years, they will grow lush and branches that weave and create a stunning screen.

13. Be Creative

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Imagination would be your ace in creating this alternative idea to your outdoor look. You can construct a unique pattern with pleached trees. The question is that can you make it go together with the surroundings?

14. Planting Steps

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You might be wondering how to plant and take care of those trees. It’s just as the same as you plant a tree in general. But you need to prepare a hole that’s larger than the root ball for breathing.

After digging the hole, make the soil loosen while getting rid of debris or any plastic trash. Remove the pot and make the tree stand in the right position. Then, fill the hole with soil while compressing.

15. Keep the Grass Away

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To prevent weed to grow, bark chips can be added around the tree area. You should also water them so that they can survive during the first season of drought. Keep both sides easy to access to do the maintenance.

16. Create Neatness

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You should at least prune them twice a year in the winter and summer. This is to maintain the neatness as they can grow over the frame.

17. Remove the Frame

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Installing a frame is necessary to keep their growing movement. By doing so, they wouldn’t out of shape you’re trying to create, which is nice. As they grow over time, you can take the frame off and let the branches form naturally.

Pleached trees need adequate space, so be sure they have what they need. You can finally get relaxed while enjoying yourself bathing under the sunlight shielded by the them.